The easiest way to rank your website on the first page of Google?

Definitely contextual backlinks. First of all because they are surrounded with many keywords, they have more value than spammy links from forum profiles or blog comments. They also look more natural. That’s why You need and should buy Spinrewriter – Certainly I will tell You more on how to use Spinrewriter

There are 3 easy ways to build contextual backlinks. You can:

– Create a ton of Web 2.0 sites.

– Guest post on other people’s blogs.

– Publish articles in article directories.

And that’s pretty much it. You’ve probably already heard that. But, that’s not all. You shouldn’t stop there.

For real success, you need to go that extra mile.

Don’t just link content to your “money site”… You need to build links to all of your web 2.0 sites as well! – And You need to build links to your other links as well. We call them “second tier” links. They make all the difference. It makes your support sites seem more “legit”. And it makes links from support sites more valuable. You want that, RIGHT?!

You may argue with me that this requires TONS of content. It’s true. I’ll reveal the solution after I answer another open question.

How to build “second tier” links? Simply, create Web 2.0 sites, write guest posts and publish articles in article directories — and use all this content to link to your “first tier” links!

Huh… I can’t believe how EASY it is. All you need is enough content. And I’ll tell you how to get it. It can be very cheap (or even FREE).

However whenever I ask people what their biggest problem is setting up new sites, they always say one thing:


You need the content to get the rankings to get the traffic (and to make sure Google doesn’t decide you’re ‘thin’…)

This is why we use spinners to get much content in the shortest possible time. Google eats content at such a rate it’s pretty much impossible to keep up manually.

So — luckily! — there’s a number of software tools out there  called article spinners.

When people ask me which one’s best, I always say SpinRewriter. I don’t even think about it. I have tested and found that there’s just no contest.

SpinRewriter produces better results, it’s really well supported, and it makes producing content really fast.

There’s a video here showing it producing 500 human-readable articles in about 45 seconds. Yes read that right 45 Seconds!

Watch it here and get my bonus (2500 free articles just for signing up).

There’s only one downside to Spin Rewriter. It’s normally consequently rather expensive. $197/year, normally. Urghhhh!

Quite honestly, given how much time it can save You time for producing articles, that’s still worth the investment.  With that price, probably not everyone just has that lying around.

Fortunately, you don’t need that much.

The spinning algorithm’s has been made even better in the new 9.0 version, and there’s a host of new features.

And the price of the annual license is being slashed dramatically. Furthermore – Not only will You’ll get a 5-day trial completely for free. First of all You don’t need to give up anything more than an e-mail address.

My special Bonus if You try it out seems like a fair steal – Yes, I have added over 2500 Articles You can use to testdrive with the SpinRewriter.

buy Spinrewriter

Look how awesome this software works for Yourself.

But You have to hurry if You want to get it for a very low price.

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Many people aren’t telling you about this strategy because they don’t want you to know how POWERFUL it is. Using a top-quality article spinner is GUARANTEED to generate all the content you need… in seconds, for no money at all after your initial investment!

Even better news is that BAD spinning doesn’t cut it anymore these days. Google hates poorly spun articles. I hate them too. That is why you need to pick an article spinner that is able to spin content just like humans — and you’ll be able to DOMINATE your competitors!

I personally prefer SpinRewriter. If you buy SpinRewriter is able to produce readable and unique content. With a SINGLE click and They have also just launched a BRAND NEW version, Spin Rewriter 9.0! You may want to take a peek:

(This video might blow you away, heh…)

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Anyway, there is a 5-day free trial. Test it for yourself. No strings attached! – Most importantly Imagine, how many articles you can spin within 5 days. Completely FREE and we have for that reason also added so many unannounced bonuses inside… as a result, so take a look and try it out!